March 1, 2019

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Rise or Set?

Originally published December 21, 2009 LPOD-Dec21-09.jpg
image by Darek Dorosz, Żabików, Poland

Is this 4.5 hr sequence tracking a Moon rise or a Moon set?. The Moon looks like it is near full (it was), so it rises and sets opposite the Sun. Although the right side looks like the Sun is just below the horizon it must not be. Who can explain this?

Chuck Wood
QUESTION: I have a fantastic image labeled Gambart-C14F19-24August2008-stk.jpg - I want to use it for LPOD but don't know who sent it; if you did please let me know!

Technical Details
2007-09-27. Practica MTL 5B camera + Flektagon 20 mm, f/2.8 lens. Esp: 10x10 sec for 30 min.

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