June 21, 2021

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Mooned River

Originally published November 2, 2011

image by António Ferreira Pinto, Portugal

Our eyes refresh the scene of what we see every 1/15th of a second. We see a series of instantaneous snapshots. Antonio did something similar, taking 149 separate images but he was able to digitally display them on one composite image and thus detail the motion of the Moon and stars across the sky. What if we could record and store images too? Life would probably be too confusing, every time we took a step we would see a series of displacements as each bit of our surroundings changed position with respect to our eyes. So we can appreciate this view of the light trail of the waning Moon during an exposure of 36 minutes over Tagus River in Portugal. And be happy that we can't integrate our mental snapshots.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
30/10/2011 between 18h30 and 19h05. Canon 500D, 10mm lens f/4 ISO200 27mm Exp.15s per image. Sum of 149 images, with a total time integration of 36 minutes.

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