July 9, 2021

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A New Lunar Map

Originally published November 20, 2011 LPOD-Nov20-11.jpg
image from David Widdowson, Astrovisuals, Australia

It is always a special occasion when a new Moon map appears, and we have David Widdowson to thank for this one. It uses the new LRO nearside mosaic as a base, to which David has carefully added the names and letters of visible features. The 92 cm (36") high map is printed on a special paper that is water and tear-resistant; it costs A$14 which is about the same amount in US currency. The backside includes 18 images depicting the phases from new to full. I wish I had an observatory to hang it on the wall as a convenient reference. I'll just have to find wall space in my crowded Moon library.

Chuck Wood

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