July 28, 2012

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Just Make It Sing

image by Gerard Coute, Chateaugay, France

I observed last night in appalling turbulence conditions after a very hot day (38 ° C). But it allowed me to notice something I had never seen before, a fault in Vallis Alpes. This was confirmed by LRO ACTREACT QuickMap Path; the difference in elevation is about 230 m in 11 km. I also found that Vallis Alpes has an asymmetrical profile, it rises from east to west about 500m (- 3000m to - 2500 m) in 80 km, until the fault, then presents a flat profile at an altitude of - 2700 m to its junction with Imbrium. Another remark: the rough floor of W Bond while Barrow and Meton are smooth, ejecta / intrusive basalt?. Here's proof that a picture is never bad. You must just make it sing.

Gerard Coute

Technical details
2012 07 26, 20 h 05 UT - Mewlon 210 F/D 11.5 + DMK 31 , 4000 images with Registax 6

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