July 19, 2015

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A New Hit DVD

Originally published July 18, 2004


Image Credit: LPI

A New Hit DVD

The Lunar & Planetary Institute in Houston, TX facilitates and promotes studies of the Moon and planets. LPI is famous for co-hosting the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference for the last 35 years. And they are making a huge contribution to lunar studies by digitizing and posting online thousands of lunar photos and maps. But like any website, someday these online products may not be available, and for some with slow digital connections, downloading is time-consuming. So LPI has just released a $10 DVD version of the Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon by Bowker and Hughes (NASA SP-206. This is the definitive reference for global photographic coverage of the Moon. The moderately low sun images are the highest resolution nearly global data set for lunar morphology. The newly digital atlas on DVD contains all 675 Lunar Orbiter plates from the Bowker and Hughes atlas as well as the introduction, tables, and maps. In addition, the digital atlas contains annotated overlays for each of the lunar orbiter images. The digital atlas of the Moon makes the out-of-print Lunar Orbiter Atlas once again widely available to lunar researchers and backyard astronomers. And if you don't know what Bowker and Huges is you can try before you buy!

Chuck Wood

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Charles A. Wood



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