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The Future in Restrospect

Originally published March 31, 2010 LPOD-Mar31-10.jpg
image from 2009 NASA Space Art Contest

Using art to convey the excitement of the future of space travel has a long history. I remember growing up with inspiring and lurid paperback science fiction magazines with nearly naked heroines on the covers, but the real attraction was the Moon (or Mars) within the pulpy pages. The graphic monthly thrill of receiving amazing stories of futures I wanted to live is captured here, with the tattered Moon images conveying the retrospective truth that this was all half a life ago. This is one of the winners from the 2009 NASA Art Contest for students. The artist, Jesse Lenz, from just up the road at West Liberty State College in West Liberty, WV, is a skilled young artist who wasn't alive when the images he incorporated in his work were first published. More work from young people interested in space are in the 2009 contest winners page, and the 2010 contest still has two weeks for entries. If you know any high school or college space artists, encourage them to submit their work.

Chuck Wood

Yesterday's LPOD: The Maw

Tomorrow's LPOD: Goodbye, Moon


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