January 26, 2013

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The Atlas Helps Public Outreach

image by David Lloyd-Jones, Australia

The great new atlas is ideal for this small public outreach setup. Not only does the cover makes a good billboard while waiting for dark but viewers really enjoy using the map segments to find lunar features that they see on screen. By allowing viewers to do their own exploring the atlas is a great ice-breaker. And the detailed images stimulate discussion by letting viewers get up close and personal to the lunar surface.

David Lloyd-Jones
Note from CAW In addition to thanking David, above, thanks to someone in Canada! 15 orders for the Atlas arrived from Canada in the last 2 days! There must have been an announcement of the Atlas in some widely read Canadian magazine or blog - thanks!

Technical Details
Images taken at Bonny Hills caravan (i.e. trailer) park, New South Wales, Australia on 18th January 2013.

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