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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Originally published November 8, 2009 LPOD-Nov8-09.jpg
image by Pavel Presnyakov, Kiev Ukraine

This is not Mercury nor even the farside; the image was taken from Earth. But it sure looks unfamiliar. Do the characteristics of the scene identify its location? Well, the craters are round, so unless this is a rectified image, it is not near a limb. There are some smooth materials that bury earlier craters (see near bottom left) but it doesn't appear to be mare basalt. Odd hills occur in some craters (bottom left and in the very ruined, smooth floored crater near top left), but these are not necessarily unique to this locale. A trough also appears at upper left, but similar ones are seen around Imbrium, Nectaris and Orientale, so that isn't a unique feature. There is something here that I haven't noticed before - look a little below center and a little left of center. There is a short sinuous rille, with one or two others hinted at to its left. Hmm.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2009 Oct 10 0:56 UT; 350 mm newtonian + barlow 5x Vac-135, b/w 1280x1024 500 frames from 10000 in AviStack and Registax

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