February 22, 2004

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More Discoveries near the Straight Wall


Image Credit: KC Pau

More Discoveries Near the Straight Wall

Low sun angle images continue to reveal new features on the Moon. An image of the Straight Wall by Thierry LeGault showed an apparent rille or fault running from the northern portion of the wall to the northeast. Today's new photo by KC Pau confirms that linear feature (arrowed on image) and an off-set (arrow) where the feature encounters the Straight Wall. Pau's image also captures a shaft of light at the south end of the Straight Wall (bottom right arrow). In a previous image of this area Pau captured part of a very delicate rille southwest of the crater Lassell. In my Feb 7 description of this little-known feature I asked what happens to it to the north. Pau has now answered that question in the top image of this crude mosaic (I put it together - not KC!) by showing that the rille (4 arrows) dies out near a wrinkle ridge. I find it remarkable that three images appearing in LPOD over six weeks identifies various features and confirms and extends knowledge about them! Congratulations!

Technical Details:
10" f/6 Newtonian reflector with 2.5x barlow and Philips Toucam Pro. Seeing 4-5/10 and transparency 3/10. Bottom image 22h29m (UT) on Feb 13, 2004; 145 frames stacked. Top image same night, 21h29m; 100 frames stacked.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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