February 11, 2020

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Lunar Companions

Originally published August 30, 2010 LPOD-Aug30-10.jpg
image by Erika Rix, PCW Memorial Observatory, OH, USA

Although Geminus is a circular formation, it appears oblong because of foreshortening caused by its position near the limb. Even the central ridge appears offset from the midpoint of the crater floor. The moon filter helped bring out more details not only in the terraced walls of the crater but also the extensive ejecta and formations surrounding Geminus. An area of interest is northern rim of the crater. In the sketch, there are two bright circular areas representing notches that I first believed were craters. The rim itself appeared well-defined and very sharp. The central mountain in Bernoulli was visible just outside of the encroaching shadow. The terraced southern rim appears to spill into the outer surroundings and the northern edge seemed to plateau connecting like a bridge to Bernoulli A.

Erika Rix

Technical Details
2010 08 26, 0737 UT. Zhumell 16", 12mm Burgess, 2x Barlow, 300x mag, 13% T moon filter.
Sketch created scopeside with Rite in the Rain paper and charcoal.

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