December 3, 2012

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Still On the Limb

image by Jocelyn Serot, France

Yesterday we learned the names of all these features so now we are ready to talk about them. In the foreground is the bent Rheita Valley, a secondary crater chain from the Nectaris basin, and at top-left is a fault-like straight feature, also radial to Nectaris. The very odd bulbous slot of Rheita E is not radial to any basin but it seems that it ought to be a short line of basin secondaries. A number of small craters have brightly lit rims that are beacons of their freshness. Two small bright craters, the yesterday you will notice that it has a very strange ray, so strange that it deserves its own LPOD.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Nov 20, 2012, 17h45 UT. 6" Mak-Cass at prime focus (F/D=10), Red filter, DMK 31. Processing : Autostakkert2 + Registax

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