December 16, 2018

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Polar Playthings

Originally published October 7, 2009 LPOD-Oct7-09.jpg
image by Damian Peach, Barbados, W.I.

Some features seem to belong to particular imagers. Damian appears to be the only person who can catch the crater Hermite, and this is his second view of it. The crater is stuffed onto the limb and nearly at the north pole so it is rarely seen well from Earth. It's floor is sprayed by the rubbly ejecta from the formation of the Imbrium Basin, and as shown from lunar orbit it is also impinged upon by the rim of Rozhdestvensky. A number of bright, fresh craters between Mouchez (Did you ever knowingly observe it?) and Sylvester provide landmarks. Pascal C - at the far right - is interesting because it is crossed by a radial crater chain whose origin is tough to identify because of the small areal coverage of most images and maps of the polar area - it could come from Carpenter. The crater between Pascal C and Sylvester looks more conspicuous than on any other image I've checked. Perhaps it is just the brightness behind it that shows up well at this time. This area is not well known.

Chuck Wood


Technical Details
June 4th, 2007. C14 with SKYnyx 2.0M.

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