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Originally published May 28, 2009 LPOD-May28-09.jpg
image by Rick Stankiewicz, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Most LPOD views of the Moon are closeups of areas of interest, but even without big telescopes and masterful imaging every person can see and appreciate the beauty of almost any sky scene that includes the Moon. And the magical pleasure is magnified if there are additional bright objects in view. Here is Rick's account of a recent conjuction: It was a calm clear morning and the mosquitoes did not manage to find me until after I finished my photo session. I was shooting to the southeast, from a hill top cemetery over looking the Indian River as it enters Rice Lake. Mars was faint but shows nicely as the "Red Planet" that it is and Venus shone like a diamond. The Earthshine that showed on the crescent Moon that was only 3 days from "new", was perfect too. This perfect equilateral triangle in the predawn sky was very impressive to say the least.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
May 21, 2009, 4:36 AM EDST. Tripod mounted Canon 400D at 200 ISO; 6 sec. exp.; f/4.0 and Sigma 18 to 70mm lense (at 70mm).

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