April 9, 2005

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Dual Eclipses

<img src="archive/2005/04/images/LPOD-2005-04-09.jpeg" border="0">

Image Credit: Chuck, Lilia & Morgan Wood</p>

Dual Eclipses

Living in Nicaragua, the solar eclipse of April 8 should be glorious, with about 90% of the Sun covered by our favorite celestial body. However, my telescope (along with all our other household goods and car) remains in Nicaraguan customs as weeks of delay continue. So our only tool for observing the eclipse was an old pair of 8 x 30 binoculars to project the twin images on the side of our house. With my daughter and son alternatively holding the binos, and its ratty strap hanging down, we captured this somewhat abstract view. This picture has no scientific content, other than to depict the occcurence of another eclipse, but It was family fun!

Chuck Wood</blockquote>

<p align="left"><p align="left">Tomorrow's LPOD: Collision Coming!

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