April 3, 2021

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A Better View

Originally published August 15, 2011 LPOD-Aug15-11.jpg
image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

The free view I enjoy from the rooftop of my flat in central Stockholm is probably quite unique and stands in sharp contrast with the description in yesterday's LPOD. From the moment the moon rises above the horizon, I can follow it whatever the direction. So, I send you a picture of the overhead sky I enjoyed 3 nights ago with an almost full moon shining brightly in the south. And as a bonus, some Perseids. This picture could give the wrong impression that I live in a planetarium with the Perseid meteor shower display activated. The short focal length emhasizes the sky, but I live in a real city with chimneys and light pollution.

Peter Rosén

Technical Details
August 13, 2011; midnight till 03h local time. Canon Eos5D MkII with 8-15mm fisheye zoom set at 8 mm f/4.

Yesterday's LPOD: Moons Needed

Tomorrow's LPOD: S-Banding Along the Western Limb


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