April 28, 2017

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Tell Me a Story

Originally published August 25, 2007

image by Wes Higgins. Some pictures don’t need a story, but they are always there - notice the layering in Plato’s far wall…

I have been sorry to learn recently that some people think that I am unfair in selecting images for LPOD. Apparently there is a feeling that I choose poor images from some folks while overlooking better ones fron others. I have to admit that is probably true sometimes. It is difficult to choose images for LPOD because we have some extraordinary ones (such as today’s) that set almost impossibly high standards. But I try to mix in many other images that aren’t so excellent. I do this because I want to encourage everyone, and sometimes I see something in an image that I haven’t noticed before. The images in LPOD allow me to tell stories - if a submitted image is great, but doesn’t speak to me, I don’t use it. When LPOD features images taken with small telescopes or with relatively poor resolution it is because I find a story in them. The hardest part of writing a daily LPOD is finding the story: a science story, a history story or a human story. I usually have no idea what it will be when I sit down at night to look at submitted images. I look back and forth at all I have until an idea comes into my mind. I encourage everyone to make my job more difficult by submitting many images - especially of areas that the-Moon Wiki or even recycled in LPOD.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
08-03-07 10:15 UT. 18" Reflector, Infinity 2-1m camera, MAP - 40, stack of 500 frames.
Here is the entire scene

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